Last year alone, Shell hired 600 new specialists in Kraków. Poland is currently the third-largest Shell market in Europe in terms of employment. 

Shell's international tasks carried out in Kraków include activities in the area of, inter alia, finance, reporting, customer service, logistics, purchasing, HR management, communication, and marketing. However, what is particularly important, the center has started recruiting specialists for the thirteenth business line – IT. At the initial stage, it will employ about 30 people – experienced experts holding senior positions requiring high qualifications. 

"Bringing the IT area to the center is an important moment in the history of Shell in Krakow, well in line with the growing level of our strategic importance. We have already employed data analysts and people with strong technological competencies in individual departments, but the new department goes a step further. We start with the team. consisting of several dozen people, but key from the point of view of the challenges of the future of business and with great development potential. Our experienced experts will deal with, among others, the area of big data analytics and digitization of business processes, supporting Shell's business transformation. senior positions, they constitute an increasing share of our recruitment processes," Agnieszka Pocztowska, general director of Shell business operations Kraków, said.