The number of visitors, based on preliminary figures, was roughly unchanged from last year, but the number of foreigners shot up, Gerendai said late on Sunday. About 80% of week passes were purchased by foreigners this year, he added.

Despite the steady number of visitors, the festival is expected to have a loss of several hundred million forints on revenue of HUF 3.2 billion, he said.

The biggest loss, of about HUF 100 million, was on Tuesday, when US funk-rock legend Prince played, Mr Gerendai said. A total of 10,000 day tickets were sold for the show and holders of weekly passes were allowed free entry, he added.

However, he said festival organiser Sziget has made enough money on its other festivals this year, including Balaton Sound and Volt, to cover the losses. Unlike this year, ticket prices next year will probably have to be raised and the number of free tickets reduced, he added.

Sziget is a unit of Est Media Holding, which is listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.