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UPS names new regional head

Package delivery firm UPS has announced the appointment of Yannick Mooijman as managing director for Hungary, Greece, Romania and Slovenia (HUGRROSI), taking over from Jim Kearney, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Yannick Mooijman

Kearney will continue his career at UPS as executive vice president for finance at UPS Emerging Markets.

"Through his wide professional knowledge, Yannick could contribute to Hungarian clients of UPS expanding their cross-border or even intercontinental business connections, which grow faster than the performance of local markets," said UPS Europe President Lou Rivieccio. "Hungary is a growing, export-oriented economy, famous in Europe and other parts of the world for striving for excellence. Yannick understands the supply chain of our clients, their related needs, and at the helm of his team, he will help us find the best way to grow our export activities."

"UPS sees serious potential in the Hungarian market, and it constantly invests in its local service portfolio, network, and infrastructure," noted Mooijman. "UPS clients of the region can currently enjoy saving one day using the most economic shipping service to 25 countries in Europe. This development is part of a Europe-level USD 2 billion project aimed at giving our clients, regardless of their size, the most reliable service whichever country of the world they are shipping into."