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Telenor Hungary names new deputy CEO

Ole Bjørn Sjulstado has been appointed the CEO of Telenor Bulgaria as of August 1 and his current position of deputy CEO at Telenor Hungary will be taken over by Christian Wulff Søndergaard, who is currently responsible for Telenor Group’s European and Regulatory matters in Brussels, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The Danish senior executive has gained experience in corporate communication and corporate relations. Søndergaard has worked in Brussels and until now has served as VP for European and Regulatory Affairs at the Telenor Group. Prior to that, he worked at Telenorʼs daughter company in Denmark as head of corporate communications and external affairs. 

He also held positions in the Danish Parliament and the Danish Embassy in Washington, and served as the managing director of one of Denmarkʼs leading communications agencies. Søndergaard has been a member of the board of directors of Telenor Hungary since February.

“We are in constant dialogue with our customers, regulators, partners, civil society organizations and the media to continuously grow and transform our company,” said Alexandra Reich, CEO of Telenor Hungary and head of the Central and Eastern Europe region at Telenor. “I am confident that through his great expertise and international experience, Christian will play a useful role in this dialogue and will contribute to making business decisions with the interests of society and our clients. At the same time, I am delighted to further strengthen our cooperation in the Central and Eastern European region by appointing Ole Bjørn as the new CEO of Telenor Bulgaria,” she added.

“As a member of the board of directors of Telenor Hungary, I have been able to follow the development of the company and also the social and economic developments in Hungary. I look forward to being part of Telenorʼs growth and working together with our team and our external partners to shape our business environment,” said Søndergaard.