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Special Effects announces Zsolt Kassai as general manager

Event production company Special Effects International welcomed the New Year by appointing a new general manager. After 15 years in leadership, majority owner Péter Müller decided to hand over to Zsolt Kassai, former director of sales and marketing. This change involved two other assignments: Judit Kalmár is now director of event sales, while Tamás Szegő will continue as director of conference sales.  

Zsolt Kassai, now general manager of Special Effects International. Photo: Árpád Pintér.

"Structural changes and dynamic growth at the company have become so intense recently that overseeing company leadership and developing the business at the same time werenʼt as efficient as was necessary anymore," said Müller, who now calls himself director of possibilities. 

"This is one of the reasons I decided to hand over my duties as general manager to my excellent colleague and dear friend, Zsolt, whom I utterly trust. Last year we had the opportunity to recruit outstanding employees so now I can finally get back to my original tasks and do what I have passion for the most: business development, networking and sales. Of course, I stay on board and continue to support Zsolt and the team," Müller added.

Kassai, who has been at the company for eight years, said he was surprised by the decision, in a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

"I was part of the fantastic journey we have accomplished in the past few years. I feel honored to face new challenges in this position and I trust we can continue our work with the same success. All our achievements are common and, just like Péter, I very much believe in teamwork and team spirit so all credit goes to the people of the company, too," said Kassai.