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PR association names new head of crisis communications

Dániel Gergő Pintér has been elected to head the crisis communications department of the Hungarian Public Relations Association (MPRSZ), according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The newly elected Pintér is the founder and CEO of Media 2.0 Communications, head of MTA SZTAKI communications, and a lecturer at Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) and the Independent Media Education Center (IMEC).

In the past ten years, Pintér has been responsible for brand building, strategic PR and crisis advisory tasks for dozens of SMEs, public institutions, NGOs and startups. He regularly publishes in international journals, appears as a guest speaker at conferences and business events, and often speaks to the media as an invited expert. Pintér is expected to defend his PhD dissertation examining the possibilities of extending crisis communication models in June of this year at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE BTK).

The press release states that the aim of the crisis communications department is to increase recognition of the field of crisis management. Pintér said he considers it a top priority to support research and education in the discipline, and to develop long-term collaboration with international professional development organizations, representatives of co-operatives and key corporate actors.

"Based on the approved work program, our main goal is to continue the journey started by the founder of the department, Kornél Bőhm, and provide the opportunity for everyone to develop and participate in the work," Pintér said. "In the future, we will try to place greater emphasis on bridging the gap between the for-profit sector and the training side, identifying false stereotypes about our profession, and raising awareness of the ethical background of PR and crisis management."

In addition to value creation and social responsibility, Pintér said he would also like to draw attention to the importance of a crisis prevention approach and comprehensive preparation.

"As we believe that communication plays a key role in the sustainable development of companies, we feel it is our duty to support those who are looking for a competitive solution to the challenges of technological development and changing media usage," he added.