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New partner appointments at Process Solutions

Independent accounting business Process Solutions Kft. (PS) has announced the appointment of four new partners, within the framework of an organizational restructuring begun in February, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

From left: Dániel Sahó, Balázs Urbán, Gyöngyvér Menyhárt, Tibor Tóth

The new partners have been with the firm for a long time; Tibor Tóth since 2003, Gyöngyvér Menyhárt since 2004, Dániel Sahó since 2005, and Balázs Urbán since 2011. As managers, they contributed to the coordination of the companyʼs largest international projects in the last decade.

PS says that the four experts were selected by the board due to their ability to control partner teams without complications, and because their expertise guarantees that the new system will hasten the dynamics in the company, allowing fast and efficient decision-making, as well as the most optimal capacity management possible.

While PS has been conducting operations divided into management teams since 2014, the dynamic growth of the past few years necessitated the renewal of the organizational structure in some form, says the firm. To achieve successful change, the new partners at the helm of the former management teams will work directly with PSʼs strategic heads, the managing partners.

"After the rearrangement, the new organizational structure will shape PSʼs 2019 year to a great extent, and we will work at making positive changes, expected from the transformation in both everyday operations and the firmʼs long-term strategy, felt by our clients and the entire PS team alike," said the press release.