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Metropolitan University appoints new CEO

Budapest Metropolitan University (METU), an accredited private institute of higher education, has announced the appointment of Ágnes Tóth as its new CEO, effective from February, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Tóth, who has been working at METU for a decade, is tasked with enhancing the reputation of the university in the CEE region. The long-term strategy of the institution involves increasing the number of international students, which reached 800 last year. She took over the position from Johan Strömsäter at the beginning of February, the press release notes.

The new CEO is aware of METUʼs operations, as she has worked as deputy client relations head, head of marketing, and strategic advisor in the past. METU says Tóth is personally responsible for several decisions that resulted in a 30% increase in student satisfaction.

Apart from the aforementioned strategy, Tóth will also focus on education strategies reacting to fast-changing job market conditions. The MyBrand education system, which is unique in Hungary, will play a major role in achieving METUʼs goals, the institution says. MyBrandʼs goal is organizing studentsʼ achieved competences into a portfolio, which gives a realistic picture about the abilities mastered by the student, making them stand out in the job market.

"Iʼm striving to make people look at Budapest Metropolitan University as one of the most innovative higher education facilities, with one of the most progressive approaches not only in Hungary but in the region as well," says Tóth. "I believe that METU has the needed capabilities to achieve this."