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LogMeIn names HR director

LogMeIn, a globally recognized IT company founded in Budapest in 2003, has expanded its domestic management with the appointment of Tímea Erdelics as its new head of HR, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Tímea Erdelics

Tímea Erdelics has more than 20 years of experience in HR management. Prior to joining LogMeIn, she was HR director at Avis Budget Group BSC, and previously held HR director positions at Nuance-Recognita, GenPact, and Monsanto.

She completed her studies at the University of Miskolc, ELTE and the Central European University (CEU), and gained her professional and business qualifications at the CEU Business School, Duke University in North Carolina, and various coaching schools.

"It is an honor to participate in the management and further development of one of the most successful IT companies related to Hungary," says Erdelics. "The domestic 400-person center plays a key role in the international ecosystem of LogMeIn, and the companyʼs most important products are being developed at home. Therefore, it is a particularly exciting professional challenge to involve and develop the best professionals and to establish a company culture that takes into account unique local factors."

"Building a corporate culture based on support, empowerment, consensus and consideration of different opinions is a key part of LogMeInʼs HR-oriented goals, attracting proactive, collaborative and self-motivated people and creating an agile, creative environment," Erdelics adds. "I believe that building a conscious, credible and human leadership culture is one of the most important goals of employee engagement today."

Erdelics is not solely responsible for the management of LogMeInʼs HR area in Hungary, but also performs the duties of co-director of the Hungarian operation with András Láng, the companyʼs vice president of engineering.