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Jalsovszky announces partner, organizational changes

Hungarian law firm Jalsovszky has named attorney Tamás Fehér a partner, while also announcing that the firmʼs litigation team will operate as a separate practice group starting this January, the Budapest Business Journal has learned.

"When forming this practice, we relied on the routine and expertise gained through our market-leading tax litigation practice as well as on the experience and knowledge we have acquired in civil lawsuits conducted in the previous year," managing partner Pál Jalsovszky says.

"We find that the new Civil Procedure Code, which came into force last January, creates a level playing field among attorneys: it does not really matter anymore how many years of experience someone has, but rather who can adapt to the new laws." 

 As a tax and litigation specialist, Tamás Fehér will be responsible for the supervision and direction of the new litigation team.

"When I interviewed Tamás four years ago, I saw not only a capable tax professional, but also someone with exceptional social values," says Jalsovszky.

"I am glad that he has been able to develop his skills further with us, and to become one of the leading lights of the firm. I am confident that he will also manage the challenges of his new position with finesse."