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Hungarian McDonaldʼs partner appoints CFO

Progress Étteremhálózat Kft., the developmental licensee partner of fast food chain McDonaldʼs, has appointed Tamás Glattfelder as its new CFO, says a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Glattfelder has some two decades of experience, having worked at companies such as the Irish subsidiary of Diageo and Dreher Breweries Kft. At Progress Étteremhálózat, he will play a key role in the further modernization and expansion of the Hungarian McDonaldʼs network, and the operation of the franchise system.

Besides controlling the accounting and financial divisions of the company, Glattfelder is also tasked with planning and managing the companyʼs financial and franchise strategies, and providing senior advisory services on all levels of management.

"We are very glad about Tamásʼs arrival," says Ágnes Horváth, CEO of Progress Étteremhálózat. "We are convinced that his strong strategic views, his need for constant development, as well as his first-hand experience in planning and realizing innovation, and his anthropocentric approach, make him able to support the McDonaldʼs brandʼs domestic evolution, and the expansion and strengthening of our network, as a financial strategist and a worthy and motivating leader of our experts."

Glattfelder will also be responsible for keeping in touch with business partners, banks, and financial institutions.