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Silly walkers to strut their stuff

Fans of British comedy legends Monty Python, or those who simply wish to grasp the chance to make fools of themselves with the cushion of safety in numbers, are invited to take part in this yearʼs Silly Walk (Hülyén Járás) event, starting from downtown Deák Ferenc tér today at 6 p.m.

Photo: Hülyén Járás 2019, Facebook

With the weather forecast set fair, organizers of this yearʼs celebration of silliness - inspired by Monty Pythonʼs famous Ministry of Silly Walks sketch - are hoping for a good turnout again.

Participants perform several laps around the short route in the vicinity of Deák Ferenc tér in District 5, according to the Facebook event page, containing a link to a video of last yearʼs shenanigans.

Silly walkers are advised to stroll only as long as their legs can endure the extra effort required, and to wear clothes suited for any unusual or jerky movements their own particular interpretation of lunatic perambulation may require.

Those volunteering to act like idiots in motion for an hour are asked to arrive on time, as latecomers will only be permitted to take part in a "bonus lap" following the three basic laps of the course. Warming up of feet and legs is strongly recommended.

This is not a joke.