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Make a Splash competition application opens

Budapest is set to host one of the craziest global competitions this year, with influencers, attention-seekers, thrill-seekers and everybody else invited to win a three-day visit to the Hungarian capital via submitting creative entries to their social media profiles.

The performance at Café New York in Budapest (photo: Bea Forgács)

The first round of the event is all about submitting creative entries and gathering votes to win the Budapest visit, where they will be hosted by iWelcome2 Budapest, one of the competition’s organizers, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Those who progress through the first round will arrive in Budapest week after week from April, where they will have to "Make a Splash" via a street show, an attention-grabbing performance or a kind gesture, looking to get the largest possible number of online votes. The content shot in Budapest will allow applicants to compete for the grand prize of an around-the-world trip lasting for several months. 

In order to showcase the nature of the competition, the organizers have already presented a unique flash mob at Café New York to warm up for the event.

The performance started with a young man walking between the tables of one of the city most iconic cafés, playing on his guitar and singing George Ezra’s song "Budapest." A few seconds later, he was joined by members of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra and the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra. The musicians were followed by a bodybuilder, a light juggler and, finally, a model, whose upper body was covered by nothing but paint. According to the organizers, the café was soon filled to the brim with people who wanted to catch a glimpse and take photos of the commotion.

Further information about the competition and application is available at the iWelcome2 website.