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LinkedIn Local examines ‘Power of Soft Skills’

Last Wednesday saw the second ever LinkedIn Local Budapest event presenting the "Power of Soft Skills" and how they can be utilized to attendees at a night held at The Workshop - BrodyLand, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Photo: Mohamed Amine Messaoudi

According to the organizers, often soft skills are underestimated or considered merely complementary. Still, emotional intelligence, social and personal awareness, as well as communication skills, are essential and inseparable for both career advancement and social success. The power of soft skills rests in their subtlety, and the fact that they are hard to grasp or quantify, says the press release.

The event was hosted and led by Greta Piktozyte. Speakers included Gábor Marton, a peak performance lifestyle coach, who delivered an interactive presentation on "Creating Empowering and Lasting Relationships in Business."

As a guest of honor, Judit Farkas, holder of a PhD in labor and organizational psychology, as well as a published author and owner of the PsyOn management consultancy, guided discussions around the pitfalls of under- or overdoing soft skills and their importance in professional life.

Discussions on "Personal Branding" and "Job Hunt" were facilitated by Gábor Pöhacker and Rafaela Baena, respectively. The event also featured an interactive Kahoot! Game to test the soft skills knowledge of the guests and allow them to compete in the process, followed by lively talking and unfacilitated networking.