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Funside launches LEGO movie maker workshop in English

Afternoon school and international summer & day-camp organizer Funside School announced the launch of a LEGO movie maker workshop in English for children between seven and 13 years of age.

The workshop introduces children to tricks of video production, teaching them how to create stories and use digital technology to visualize their ideas with the help of LEGO Movie Maker.

The first workshop, a part of Funsideʼs after-school program, will take place on November 30, followed by a second one on January 25 next year.

The school says that as a brick game, LEGO has already proven to effectively develop various skills of children: fine motor skills, teamwork, creativity, communication, problem-solving and mathematical skills, persistence as well as self-esteem. More recently, LEGO issued various new products that support children’s programming education (such as Mindstorms, WeDo 2.0) and software enhancing digital skills, such as LEGO Movie Maker.

In its workshop, Funside School offers training based on LEGO Movie Maker to primary school children who are interested in movie production, editing, and digital visualization. With the help of the software, children can learn how to make a stop motion movie. The production of movies, also known as "Brick Films", includes making a set with different backgrounders, props, lighting, using the camera and editing tools, and creating a story or screenplay for the movie.

“Digital skills have become essential both on the job market and in our private lives," says András Kittka, founder and CEO, Funside School. "At Funside School we provide up-to-date digital knowledge and skill development for the next generation. Our training, including digital world, programming and robotics, are aimed at developing the ʼdigital nativeʼ generation to become actually tech-savvy and understand the mechanisms of digital applications."

"Our courses and workshops provide them with marketable digital knowledge which they can later leverage in their career. Using fun tools and apps like LEGO Movie Maker helps us engage them in the teaching process, making them focused on the subject and providing them with lots of fun while playing, editing, shooting movies," adds Kittka.

During the four-hour-long session, children can learn how to use the stop motion technique, get acquainted with the app, editing tools and produce a short (one to three minutes) LEGO movie.