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Budapest hosts international coaching conference

The non-profit International Coach Federation (ICF) and Hogan Assessments, an independent assessment company, will hold their first international conference focused on the “Future of Coaching in Organizations” on April 19-20 at the Akvárium Klub in Budapest.

The conference aims to bring the future of coaching into focus, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. Which new trends, technologies and tools are going to determine organizational development and coaching? How is digitalization going to affect businesses and workplaces?- are among the questions it will ask.

During the two-day event, 21 international authorities will share their knowledge and expertise through presentations and panel discussions. Featured speakers include Robert Hogan, founder of Hogan Assessments; Colmon Elridge, vice president of global development and membership at the ICF; and Colin McIlheney, global research director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The primary topics covered will be the importance of workforce assessment, the evaluation of coaching processes, and the new challenges of cultural differences.

“This partnership is important for both organizations as it allows us to leverage our expertise to improve the performance of the global workforce,” says Zsolt Fehér, Hogan’s managing director for Europe. “In 2018, we would like to strengthen this collaboration, as well as make it more visible in Europe,” he added.

For an updated list of speakers and registration, visit the conference website.