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Become a gastronomy connoisseur in one year

The Culinary Institute of Europe is launching a one-year professional culinary arts training program. Registration is now open for the September course.

The one-year hands-on gastronomy training in English, starting in September in Budapest, is aimed at gastronomy lovers who are committed to developing their culinary skills, culinary professionals who intend to perfect their knowledge and experience, as well as prospective entrepreneurs and investors planning to start a gastronomy business, says a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Classes are held two times a week in the downtown of Budapest on the top of Loffice Coworking. While students will learn various basic techniques of cooking, frying, roasting and baking, and will be able to use them with confidence, they will also gain a comprehensive outlook on the various fields of gastronomy ranging from food business management to food styling.

During the final exam students will fully plan, organize and cook a pop-up dinner for 40 people.

The cost of the one-year course is EUR 5,500 + VAT per academic year. More information and an application form is available here.