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A Sixth Part of the World: a silent film classic

The cinematic masterpiece “A Sixth Part of the World” will be screened next week at the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA), an institution affiliated with the Central European University (CEU). The screening will take place on Wednesday, February 22, and will be introduced by CEU Research Fellow and visiting professor Dr. Oksana Sarkisova.

A silent film released in 1926, “A Sixth Part of the World” was the work of well-known Russian director Dziga Vertov and is based on the state of the Soviet Union at the time. The film itself is a journey throughout the landmass of the Soviet Union, as director Vertov takes the audience on a cinematic expedition to understand and appreciate the diversity throughout the region.

As the title subtly suggests, there are six different sections of the film that portray the various ethnicities, cultures and industries that made up the USSR circa the 1920s. The cinematic journey is recognized as a legendary and epic piece of work .

The screening is free, although seats are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. The film will be screened from 6.30 pm at Arany János utca 32 in District V. More information on the event can be found at the OSA’s website.