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Research & Development 2019

From ʼMade in Hungaryʼ

To ʼDesigned in Hungaryʼ

What constitutes R&D? - Government Support: Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency, National Innovation Office -
Why Choose Hungary? - Regional Comparisons - The Labor Crisis - R&D Succes Stories


R&D Hungarian Creativity

Skanska: Connected to the future

Focus on Innovation and Research & Development

Hungary and IP Protection

Knowledge in the Service of Society

Government Support for IT and The AI Coalition

Tungsram Innovates trough Partnerships

Expanding R&D Activities Spur Booming Innovation

R&D Jobs: Brand is a Powerful Motivation

The Future of Scientific Research in Hungary

Harnessing the Power of AI Can be a Game Changer

What Qualifies as Research and Development?

How Does Hungary Compare in R&D Expenditure?

R&D in Hungary: Case Studies

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