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Fine Restaurants 2016

Fine Restaurants 2016 is Out Now!

    If someone had said at the start of 2016 that there would be five Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest, or that Tamás Széll would win the European final of the Bocuse d’Or chefs’ world championships, we would have been a bit sceptical.

    But all of this has come true, and we are very proud of these achievements. We are also very proud that Fine Restaurants has been providing the readers of the Budapest Business Journal with information about the 100 best restaurants in Budapest for many years now.

     It is our goal to show the very best of Budapest to our readers each year. It is a great pleasure to witness the expanding range of restaurants, which offers the opportunity to choose and make recommendations from a continuously growing number of eateries.

     We believe that it is good to eat out, because the more you visit your favourite places, and the more you learn about the work of the sommeliers, the waiters and the chefs, the greater your enthusiasm will be for those eateries. It is for this reason that we are so passionate about looking for and presenting the best restaurants.

     We hope you will enjoy browsing through our 2016 suggestions!

Get a taste of the contents:

Feast like a king for breakfast!
     Eating breakfast is a smart and healthy choice. In previous years it has proved very difficult to find quality breakfast spots in Budapest, but fortunately that is not the case anymore. We checked out the most interesting spots.

Where can we find happiness these days?
     Bread, brioche, scones, and cocoa rolls; we have hunted down the best baked goods and the most innovative bakeries in Budapest.

A business venture
     We searched out those places that can serve as the perfect venue for a successful business lunch: An elegant setting, with fast, delicious but light, eye-catching dishes, all offered at reasonable prices.

Off to the market
     The redefining of restaurants in marketplaces has been one of the most fashionable trends in recent years. We browsed the Hold Street Marketplace to give you a taster of the reimagined world of marketplace buffets.

New Hungarian tastes
     A new, fresh generation has come to the fore in Hungarian gastronomy recently. They are young and successful, fluent in foreign languages, and know exactly what they want: to learn and to utilize their skills at home here in Hungary. Let us introduce you.

The sweetest Hungarians
     Hungary’s confectionery industry has gained significant momentum recently, with a growing number of restaurants – as well as confectioners, of course – offering exceptionally delicious desserts. We looked for classic recipes, redefined.

Provincial gastronomy
     We asked several gastronomy experts working in the regions of Hungary for their opinion regarding gastronomy in the provinces these days, and if they see any potential for provincial restaurants to receive awards.

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