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Internet Hungary to host the industry’s cream of the crop

For the 16th time, Internet Hungary is inviting every stakeholder in the digital industry to come together for some meaningful thought sharing and fun networking. The conference is set for Siófok on September 29-30.

It all started back in 2000 when founder Ákos Csermely had the idea that the internet was growing so fast that the scope of his annual Media Hungary conference was too limited and the Web deserved its own gathering. Since then Internet Hungary has solidified its presence in the events’ calendar. In fact, it has become the core forum not only for industry professionals in the country, but also for experts from related sectors.

This year the date to mark for interested participants – whose number normally exceeds 1,600 – is September 29-30. The series of presentations offered in those two days aims at covering every hot topic in the industry by analyzing the international and domestic trends of the digital ecosystem, investigating the impact of the World Wide Web on competitiveness, the principal of equal opportunities and the quality of life.

The agenda is crammed with a stunning number of presentations. Five rooms will host Hungarian and foreign speakers in parallel, literally all day long without interruption. Quantity will surely not dilute quality, though. Speeches are required to have a serious novelty factor, meaning that Internet Hungary will be the first place they are ever delivered.

Topics range from the sharing economy to blogs and business strategies, but exceptional ones such as neuromarketing or the tools of the so-called attention economy will be covered too.

You can also take it for granted that you will get to meet or listen to the main representatives of telcos, IT, web media, and the digital economy in Hungary. Senior executives of SMEs leading the digital transformation revolution, top consultancies, HR firms and e-commerce companies will be there as speakers or visitors as well, along with senior officials from government ministries, major research institutions and public bodies.

The venue is Hotel Azúr, Siófok. Considering the above, if you have anything to do with the internet in terms of business, you will surely get something out of the information shared in the seminars or during the networking that follows that can help you discover new paths in your professional or personal life.