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Finding an edge through R&D

5G may not be around for a few more years, but service providers are not sitting tight waiting until the transition takes place. All of Hungary’s incumbent telecommunication networks have come up with a number of pieces of hardware and software in the last few years, developed to accommodate clients and get ahead of the competition.

Telenor was the first to launch online video service in Hungary. MyTv will have 50 television channels available for every client with a phone subscription by the end of this year. As of 2017, Blue package subscribers can access MyTv via Hipernet without extra data traffic costs, allowing them to watch a sports event broadcast on the go, Telenor says. The service is available on smart television as well. A related service, not developed by Telenor, is HBO Go video library, which allows users to access the movie channel’s content via video streaming. Users can tap into this service for free as Telenor offers free data transfer with similar conditions to its MyTv. 

In its R&D line-up, Vodafone features solutions for businesses, bikers and students. The company’s Instant Network 3G, which debuted in early 2015, is a unique, portable mobile network station. The system is a beefed-up version of a network used at several disaster recovery sites: much smaller in size but more potent. The prototype was designed and built by Csaba Perlai and Róbert Tóth, network operating professionals at Vodafone.

Another innovation, based on the company’s M2M technology, is Velotrack, a remote safety solution for bike owners. Locked Bikes collect data through GPS and motion sensors, which is transferred to a server using Vodafone’s M2M card. Should the bike be moved, the owner gets a notification on his or her smartphone. Owners can also download statistics on routes covered and even on the routes and location of their friends and family members. 

ReadyPay, another solution from Vodafone, helps SMEs transition to electronic payment.

ReadyPay mPOS mobile is small enough to fit into one’s pocket, making it ideal for salespeople on the go. It is also compatible with all bank cards in Hungary. The company developed ReadyPay with OTP Bank and the Hungarian subsidy of Ingenico Group, an international financial service provider.