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Champion exhibition

An interactive exhibition featuring the most cutting edge technologies, impressive images taken from unusual perspectives and playful tests and building on the themes of sports, motion and becoming a champion will receive its world premiere in Budapest’s Millenáris on January 13. “The January introduction will be the world premiere of the exhibition, followed by an international tour; however, as the technology is completely a Hungarian development, naturally we wished to introduce it to the Hungarian public first,” said main organizer Illés Gabriella. The “experience-expo” will introduce the general public to the world of sports with high definition pictures, slow motion recordings and visual solutions applied from unusual perspectives. The system is capable of monitoring the performance of the actively participating public by – playfully – monitoring the capabilities of each visitor, helping parents in choosing a sport discipline for their children, or even predicting their chances of becoming a champion.

The Champion
January 13 to mid-April, 2017
Millenáris, Pavilion D

Gregorian at the Congress Center

A unique musical combination of traditional Gregorian music and hard rock, sprinkled with spectacular special effects; that’s the promise Gregorian: Final Chapter Tour 2017, which will be arriving in Budapest in February. Frank Peterson stumbled upon the mash-up of church chanting and rock music on a visit to the Escorial Royal Monastery, walking in the medieval corridors listening to his Walkman with the chants in the background. The first result of this experiment was Enigma, which came to life in 1990, and of which Peterson is listed as a founders under the pseudonym F. Gregorian. For this show, featuring eight classically trained Gregorian singers, accompanied by one female singer and a rock band, spectators can expect a fusion of musical styles ranging from Depeche Mode to Pink Floyd to Metallica, all combined with the traditional chants alongside other typical Gregorian features.

Gregorian: Final Chapter Tour 2017
Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
Budapest Congress Center

Music Train pulls in to Budapest

The Music Train (Zenevonat) comes to Budapest in February for a concert featuring the songs of Locomotiv GT (LGT), one of the most influential Hungarian rock bands, originally formed in 1971, and featuring two of the original members: János Karácsony and János Solti. They will be joined by two singers from a younger generation, Gábor Heincz (a.k.a. “Biga”) and Mónika Veres (“Nika”), with musical accompaniment provided by the band Abrakazabra. The list of Hungarian hits will feature “A Kicsi, a Nagy, az Artúr és az Indián” (The Little One, the Big One, Arthur and the Indian), “Annyi mindent nem szerettem még” (I haven’t loved so many things yet), “Miénk ez a cirkusz” (This circus is ours), “Mindenki” (Everyone), “Álomarcú lány” (Dream-faced girl), and “Nem adom fel” (I’m not giving it up).

February 12, 2017, 8 p.m.
Budapest Congress Center
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