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Bonarka City Center opens new doors to Krakow

Bonarka City Center, the largest urban center in southern Poland opens its first phase: the shopping and entertainment center. The three-phase project is developed by TriGranit Holding and IPR's joint venture Roland Investment, valuing a total of €500 million.

The multi-functional urban center is being built on around 19 hectares of post-industrial land in the Podgórze district of Krakow. Land reclamation of this area was one of the largest undertakings of its kind in Poland. Bonarka City Center is being completed in 3 stages. In the first stage a shopping and
entertainment center with 270 shops, 20 cinema auditoriums, some 30 restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlors and a two-level parking lot with 3,200 spaces has been built.

The second and third stages will include four high-class office buildings and a residential housing estate. The total value of the investment is approximately €500 million.

The construction – surrounded by natural landscape, parks and a pond – created more than 3000 new jobs in the neighborhood. The glass-roofed center offers some of the most well-known international brands.

Due to its corporate social responsibility policy, TriGranit reserves 400 square meters room for “At Siemacha” association. This exceptional opportunity provides the Association with unique tools and means for helping the young who have found themselves in life’s dire straits by providing them with material, psychological, and educational support. (BBJ Online)