Are you sure? launches personalized recommendations

Hungarian listed book dealer is introducing personalized product recommendations to its online store, a service that offers made to measure suggestions for returning customers based on their personal tastes and preferences. is powered by a fully customized implementation of Scarab Enterprise recommender, and this new service is engaging the recommender engine’s higher level functions.

Personalized recommendations offer an exciting new way for returning customers to discover products that match their personal tastes, even though they may never heard of them before.

“It gives us great satisfaction to see the Scarab system running at reach maturity,” said Viktor Szathmáry, Scarab Research’s CEO. “This system was launched almost exactly a year ago and during this period it has learned a great deal about the preferences of Bookline’s customers. Enough to now step up to the next stage and start offering precision-tooled personalized recommendations to returning customers.”

The personalized service primarily uses registered customers’ purchasing and browsing histories, which it combines with other information to identify the products that are most consistent with the given customer’s personal preferences.

“The real gain with personalized recommendations is the possibility to offer customers a variety of items that are in line with their personal tastes, although they have not searched for them, or even heard about them. Yet the recommended item will very likely be something the user likes. It’s a tool for discovering great new things without bothering to look for them,” commented Ákos Maróy, Scarab Research’s CTO.’s personalized recommendations are displayed straight on registered users’ landing pages in a new box titled “Personalized Recommendations”, taking the place of the previously used Top Sellers box. The new service offers a quick shortcut for customers to find the things they really like, without needing to search or browse’s growing catalogue of books, digital media, electronics and other products.

The new service is now available to all users, after completing a successful test period. Early statistics show a significant increase in sales performance compared to the previously used Top Sellers module, proving the high quality of the recommendations. (press release)