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Court rules radio frequency tender against law

The Budapest Municipal Court said in a first-instance ruling on Tuesday that a tender in the autumn called by radio and television authority ORTT for two countrywide commercial radio frequencies was against the law.

The ORTT awarded newcomers Neo FM and Class FM the frequencies, instead of incumbents Sláger and Danubius, causing some industry insiders to speculate the decision was politically motivated.

Danubius Rádió started the civil case against the ORTT and Class FM operator Advenio on the grounds that the ownership structure of Advenio was not in line with stipulations in Hungary's media law. The court also said Advenio's ownership structure did not conform to the law, but ruled that the ORTT was under no obligation to break the contract signed after the tender.

The sides in the case declined to comment on the court's decision until they receive it in writing. (MTI-ECONEWS)