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Ukraine unveils plan for retroactive FiT cuts

Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection is considering slashing feed-in tariffs (FiTs) for existing large scale photovoltaic (PV) plants by 15-25%, the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy (UARE) trade body has told energy portal pv-magazine. 

An announcement to that effect was reportedly made by Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Konstantyn Chyzhyk during the Ukrainian Energy Forum event.

The FiT cuts under consideration would see solar plants with a generation capacity of up to 10-megawatt (MW) shoulder a 15% reduction in payments with the figure rising to a 20% cut for 10-50 MW projects and 25% for larger facilities.

The FiT program that expired at the end of last year paid large scale, ground-mounted PV projects EUR 0.1502/kWh over a period of 10 years. An alternative method of reducing the cost of subsidizing Ukrainian solar would see developers of PV projects of all sizes agreeing to take a “voluntary” 12.5% FiT reduction, Chyzhyk said at an energy forum on February 27, reported Russian news agency Interfax.

Developers who play ball, however, will not have to pay such costs until 2022, Chyzhyk reportedly suggested, pv-magazine added.