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Slovenia’s avg net wage down in June

The average net monthly earnings in Slovenia fell by a real 6.7% month-on-month to EUR 1,176 in June, after dropping by a real 2.6% month-on-month in May, the Statistics Bureau of Slovenia (SURS) said in a report.

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In nominal terms, the average net monthly wage was down by a monthly 5.5% in June, following a 1.7% fall in May.

The statistical office did not provide a figure for the real change in annual terms, saying that in nominal terms the June net wage was up 6.1% compared to June 2019.

The average monthly gross earnings amounted to EUR 1,813 in June, down by a real 5.4% and by a nominal 4.2% compared to May. They were higher by a real 5.8% and up by a nominal 5.5% in annual terms.

The net average monthly wage in the public sector, at EUR 1,406 in June, was higher that the private sector earnings, which stood at an average EUR 1,066.