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Romanian gov’t wants extension of state of alert

Romania’s government gave the green light on June 16 to the possible extension of the state of alert for 30 more days due to the coronavirus pandemic, following a meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, local media outlets such as Romania Journal, Romania-insider report.

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However, the government decision can only take effect after it has been discussed and approved by Parliament, but a number of opposition parties, including the largest, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), have made it clear that they do not support the extension.

On the last 24 hours Romania has reported 250 new cases caused by the COVID-19. According to latest data, the total number of infected people in Romania had reached 22,415, from which 16,071 recovered and 1,437 died.

The opposition parties accused the government of manipulation of the number of cases.

“We have no evidence from experts about the need to extend the alert state. No mass testing has begun,” PSD spokesperson Lucian Romascanu said last week.

Health Minister Nelu Tataru told private broadcaster Digi24 on June 15 that there would be limited levers at hand to impose certain measures if parliament does not approve the extension of the state of alert.

In the meantime, a new round of relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions came into effect in Romania from Monday, with the reopening of shopping malls, gambling rooms, outdoor swimming pools and fitness centers.

Private events can now be organized with a maximum of 20 people indoors and up to 50 people outside. However, the ban will be still in place for cinemas, playgrounds and restaurants inside shopping malls, local media say.