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Romania reinserts provisions on food double standards into trade package

Acting on the impetus of the Visegrád Group, Romania, which took over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union at the start of January, has reintroduced provisions on double standards used by multinational food companies into a draft package of measures against unfair trade practices.   

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, along with his counterparts from the other Visegrád states (the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), expressed dissatisfaction at a meeting of EU farm ministers in Brussels in December after Austria, which held the rotating presidency at the time, removed the provisions from the package, reported state news wire MTI.

"Hungaryʼs government continues to stand by the interests of domestic shoppers and has made it a priority goal to ensure Hungarian families have access to safe, high-quality, healthy food," the ministry said on Wednesday.

Multinational food companies have come under fire for selling lower-quality versions of European and global brands in countries in the region.