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Poland’s PGNiG discovers more gas in the Podkarpacie region

Polish oil and gas company PGNiG announced it has successfully drilled another well on the Mielec–Bojanów fields. Together with the previous wellbore in the area, the Korzeniówek-2K appraisal well will ultimately add approximately 24 million cubic meters (mcm) per year to PGNiG’s natural gas output, PGNiG said in a statement. 

Photo by Pavel Kapysh /

Korzeniówek 2-K is located in the village of Pustków, in the county of Dębica. Exploration work in the area was commenced in late 2017.

The recorded flow of high-methane natural gas is typical of the region’s prevalent geological structure, the Carpathian Foredeep Basin miocene formation.

According to PGNiG’s estimates, annual gas production from Korzeniówek-2K will be close to 17.4 mcm, plus approximately 6.6 mcm from the previously drilled Korzeniówek-1K.