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Poland presses the offshore wind accelerator

The Polish government has published an updated draft of its proposed act to promote offshore wind development in the country, increasing the volume of capacity that would receive support in the first phase, reports 

A factory for the production of offshore wind farm elements in Szczecin, Poland. Photo by Mike Mareen /

The new proposal increases the maximum capacity that would be backed by a Contract for Difference (CfD) in the first phase of development to 5.9 GW (gigawatt) from the 4.6 GW proposed in the previous draft released in January, according to the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW).

PSEW said 5.9 GW corresponds with the “actual potential of advanced projects, those that already have or within a certain time will be able to sign a connection agreement, allowing for the support negotiation procedure to start.”

A second phase of development would start with an auction of 2.5 GW in 2025 and another for the same volume two years later. The January draft had included planned auctions in 2023 and 2028, which have been dropped because of the increased capacity in the first phase, PSEW  was quoted as saying by