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Poland launches new rules to prevent takeovers by non-EU investors

The Polish government wants to be notified of any planned takeovers of companies by investors from outside the European Union, who may seek to buy businesses hit by the coronavirus cheaply, Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz was quoted as saying by media including Polish Radio and Reuters. 

The government has announced a rescue plan worth up to PLN 330 billion (63.55 billion pounds) to help its economy survive the pandemic and the resulting crisis. The latest proposals to protect domestic firms add to the package.

Emilewicz said many family businesses in Poland had become cheap targets for private equity funds as their valuation has fallen due to the coronavirus-driven crisis. She did not name any particular fund or country of origin.

She said she hoped the government would back the new rules next week. The minister also said that the anti-takeover solutions she proposed on April 23 do not include measures that would specifically apply to listed companies.