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Poland ‘invades’ Czech Republic in ‘misunderstanding’

Poland has admitted to briefly "invading" the Czech Republic last month in what the Polish Defense Ministry described as a "misunderstanding", reports.

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Polish troops guarding the frontier as part of coronavirus measures took up positions by a chapel on the Czech side of the border. They apparently stayed there for several days. The soldiers prevented Czech visitors from accessing the site. Czech authorities eventually intervened by contacting Warsaw.

The incident took place in northeastern Moravia, in an area that forms part of the historical land of Silesia, part of which extends into today’s Czech Republic. Poland has described the incident as a mistake, although the Czech Foreign Ministry has said it has yet to receive an official explanation.

The story first appeared in the regional Denik newspaper. A construction engineer overseeing repairs at the chapel had wanted to take photographs of the plaster. But he was turned away by Polish soldiers armed with machine guns, who had set up a roadblock on the path leading to the chapel.

The chapel lies 30 meters inside Czech territory. The border is formed by a small stream, the BBC says.