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Poland closes borders to foreigners for 20 more days

The Polish authorities announced on March 25 that the country’s borders would stay shut to non-residents until April 13 in a bid to check the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, Polish Radio reports.

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Poland first shut its borders on March 15 for 10 days. Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński told a news conference on Wednesday that goods would continue to be allowed into the country.

He added that new restrictions would be introduced on Poles who cross the border because they work abroad. Kamiński added that, during the epidemic, the free flow of workers into Poland could not be allowed, especially from countries where the number of coronavirus infections is higher.

The Polish government has declared a “state of epidemic” as it battles the outbreak. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Poland had risen to 1,031 on March 25, with 14 people dead, Polish Radio adds.