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A total of EUR 26.5 million will be available to NGOs active in the country through eight project calls launched by Active Citizens Fund Romania, reported, as cited by news site Romania-insider. 

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The eight calls cover a wide range of domains and activities including: civic participation in underserved areas; civic education and involvement; civic activism and advocacy; human rights and equal treatment awareness; strategic support for human rights and equal treatment; mobilizing vulnerable groups in underserved areas; advocacy activities for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups; and the development of interethnic rural communities.

Special attention will be given to areas considered of major importance in Romania: environment and climate change, gender equality and gender-based violence; fighting against human rights breaches and Roma discrimination; and increasing Roma inclusion.

The donating states behind the project financing are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The money will be offered as a non-refundable grant. Several types of grants are available in the program, with values ranging from EUR 5,000 to EUR 250,000, says