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Croatia’s ruling party secures Parliament majority to form new cabinet

The leader of Croatia’s ruling center-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said the party has secured a parliament majority after Sunday’s elections and could quickly form a new government, news portal SeeNews reported citing local media. 

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HDZ won the July 5 general election with a better-than-expected result, grabbing 66 of 151 seats parliament, leaving behind its main opponent, the Restart Coalition led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), with 41 seats.

Plenković said on July 6 that HDZ has already secured the support of 76 MPs needed for the formation of a new cabinet, public broadcaster HRT quoted him as saying.

“Today’s accord is not yet a fixed agreement on the future majority in parliament, but in any case, judging by the good cooperation in the past four years, I believe this is quite normal,” Plenković was quoted as telling reporters in Zagreb.

Once the final official election results are in, a new government could be formed very quickly, SeeNews added.