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COVID-19 deprived every 4th Polish family of some earnings, poll shows

Around 27% of Polish families have been deprived of some form of earning following the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, according to results of a poll conducted by the CBOS pollster, Polish news agency PAP reports. 

The research shows that 25% of those polled were people who were either laid off by their employers, had to close their own business or, more often the case, knew someone in the immediate family who had lost their job.

According to the survey, the most affected by the pandemic are two percent of respondents in whose families both the respondent and another family member had lost jobs.

The researchers also asked about the form of work of Poles. Around 24% of those polled said that they worked fewer hours, while 21% had shifted to remote work.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic also resulted in lower earnings in many cases. Around 32% of respondents declared that their salaries have been lowered after March 1. The poll was conducted online on April 23-27 on a sample of 1,000 respondents, PAP said.