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Prague City Hall is asking Prague residents to report Airbnb flats to municipal police officers and any connected problems, the daily Hospodářské noviny reported, according to Czech Radio.

If a property owner is not registered with a Trade Certificate, he or she may be liable to a fine of up to CZK 1 million (EUR 39,890).

City Hall has been trying for some time to get Airbnb to share the details on the owners of the flats who are believed to often avoid paying tax for renting out their properties.

Airbnb is one of the short-term letting platforms active in Prague, which has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years.

Critics say that such platforms have moved from the original idea of a shared economy to a purely business venture, with up to 15,000 flats in Prague being rented out for this purpose, blocking flats for long-term rent as well as often causing unease for local residents who have to deal with loud tourists, Czech Radio says.