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60,000 Czechs, Slovaks used RegioJet train connection to Croatia this summer

More than 60,000 people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia travelled to Croatia with the private rail company RegioJet this summer, according to a company announcement, Czech Radio reports. 

Photo by Pixabay

The direct overnight train connection to Croatia was launched at the end of June and rans until Friday (September 25). Next year, the company plans to launch the connection from May.

Croatia has been one of the top holiday destinations for Czechs for decades. While most usually travel to Croatia by car, many have welcomed the possibility to use a direct train connection instead of spending hours on the highway, said Czech Radio.

In July and August, RegioJet ran daily trains going in both directions. In September, they ran only three times a week. The average occupancy rate was more than 90% with a capacity of 500 to 560 passengers per one link, according to the company statement.