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University admissions lead to housing rental boom

The publication of higher education admission thresholds on July 24 is expected to lead to a boom in the housing rental market, business news site reported.

Rates are expected to increase by 10-15%. Students usually look for rental accommodation close to their university, according to a recent study compiled by economic research firm GKI.

The most popular areas in Budapest are Districts 9 and 11, where monthly rents for studio apartments are about HUF 120,000. Bigger 100 square-meter flats are usually rented for HUF 200,000.

In the biggest university towns outside Budapest, Debrecen (230 km east of the capital), Pécs (200 km southwest) and Szeged (170 km southeast), HUF 150,000 is enough to rent a two or three-room apartment, noted.