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Szerémi Office Building to be modernized

The Szerémi Office Building, recently purchased by Wing, will be modernized in order to make it competitive with new offices about to be delivered in the coming period, according to a press release from Eston, the company exclusively responsible for leasing the building.

The facade of the Szerémi office complex

The offices consist of three interconnected buildings between Kaposvár utca 5-7 and Szerémi út 4. The building on Kaposvár utca was built in the 1970s. The Szerémi út building, with its elliptic shape, was built in 2006. The complex also has some 1,500 square meters of warehouse space and 206 parking spaces in a five-story underground garage.

With 11,000 sqm of gross leasable area (GLA), the offices will be transformed according to the tenant needs of today, says the press release. The seven-story buildingʼs top level offers a panoramic view of the Buda hills. The office building also has a roof terrace accessible from two of the three building blocks.

"We are very glad about the assignment, as such projects always offer us an excellent occasion to develop a given districtʼs opportunities through cooperative work," said Tamás Pál, head of Eston Internationalʼs office leasing division. Regarding the exclusive leasing deal, he added that transformed and renovated building complexes represent a serious opportunity for any company on the lookout for a new home for its business.