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Mellow Mood Hotels Complete Párisi Udvar

The Hungary-based, Jordanian-owned hospitality developer and hotel operator Mellow Mood Hotels is due to officially open the long-awaited, Párisi Udvar Hotel in Ferenciek tere, in the historic center of Budapest.

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest has now officially joined the Unbound Collection by Hyatt. The Chicago-based brand includes up-scale and luxury hotels including resort and urban boutique hotels. The franchise agreement is the first Hyatt Unbound Collection in Budapest.  

Both Zuhair Awad and Sameer Hamdan, managing directors at Mellow Mood Hotels, emphasize that the interior design of the hotel reflects the location and the history of the listed building.

“The Hyatt Unbound Collection by Hyatt always focuses on unique locations. It primarily targets travelers who like immersing themselves in the local culture, and instead of ordinary buildings they prefer extraordinary, exclusive accommodation with an intriguing history, while they demand perfect and high quality service,” the managing directors say.

The Art Deco Párisi Udvar building, also known as the Brudern House, dates back to the 19th century. The 110-guest room, 18 suite and two presidential suite project was purchased by Mellow Mood in 2014 and has been under development for several years. As such, it is an exemplar for the difficulties associated with the redevelopment of historic, listed buildings in the heritage protected town center, due to the need to preserve the original architectural features.

Emblematic Building

“The conversion of the former Brudern House was not an easy task since we are talking about an emblematic building in the City Center;the hotel has received intense attention from the beginning,” says Sameer Hamdan.

The hotel has been designed by architectural studio Archikon, with rooms decorated by the Hungarian artist Agnés Tóth with Gothic, Moorish and Oriental inspiration. The original facade, staircases and decorative tiles have been preserved.

The complex includes the Párisi Passage Cafe & Brasserie, an evening cocktail bar and Zafir Spa and 24-hour fitness club. The hotel provides five 160-person meeting rooms or events spaces along with retail space in the passage way. Further, the complex has the capacity for up to 160 guests in the hexagon-shaped Párisi Salon & Brasserie in addition to the Budapest Salon on the mezzanine floor overlooking the passage.

Bringing Buildings Back to Life

The large number of historic buildings in key central locations does provide the opportunity for their redevelopment into boutique and medium-sized hotels, providing a use-value and an opportunity for the renovation of often run-down turn-of-the century listed buildings. Párisi Udvar, for example, is a former retail arcade and housed cafes and, at one time, Budapest’s central bank. Although the project has been ongoing for longer than originally planned, such developments are seen as preserving and enhancing the classic Central European feel of the historic center of Budapest. Thus the private sector is aiding cash-strapped city authorities who are committed to upgrading the infrastructure of Budapest and making the city more livable for both the local population and visitors. A possible solution is for the development of boutique hotels and offices that also provide street-front public amenities.