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ITM: ʼKádár Cubesʼ not worth renovating

Roughly 1.4 million rural family and condominium renovations are being left out of the government’s energy efficiency program because the government estimates that they would cost more to renovate than they are worth, says

Photo: László Szeder/Wikimedia Commons

Since 2010, the government’s program has included energy upgrades for nearly 1.5 million rural family houses, which have now been removed from the new National Energy Strategy.

State Secretary for Energy András Aradszki, of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), stated that despite being viable from an energy point of view, renovating so-called “Kádár cubes” (named for the country’s leader for much of the communist-era) may, overall, not be feasible.

According to the president of the Socialist Party (MSZP), this is in contradiction with the government’s declared goals for 2030, which aims to improve in the energy efficiency of residential buildings, notes.