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Flats under HUF 30 mln see increased interest

Interest in flats cheaper than HUF 30 million has increased across the country, according to the latest analysis of Hungarian real estate website

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The website examined the changes in the distribution and demand of apartments and houses in different price categories based on more than 400,000 advertisements, writes

According to László Balogh, the leading economic expert of, the supply price per square meter of apartments for sale has not changed significantly at the national level compared to the pre-epidemic level of February, indicating that sellers are not forced to move.

However, cheaper apartments under HUF 30 mln account for an increasing share of the supply in Budapest. Based on its analysis, the share of flats under HUF 30 mln in the total supply in Budapest was 18% last May, 23% in February this year, and almost 24% in May; that is, this type of housing accounts for almost a quarter of the total supply at the capital level.