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Budapest apartment concept keeps tourists happy

Happy Home Budapest, a B&B rental outfit recently awarded the title “Newcomer of the Year” by travel site Expedia, utilizes psychological methods and nostalgia to make its visitors happy.

The original idea by owner Bjorn Brandt features inspirational quotes and positive words written over the walls of the apartments, which are supposed to make the guests feel better, subconsciously.

“We borrowed this from suggestive psychology and subliminal marketing,” Brandt says in a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. 

The apartments are also equipped with a pocket Wi-Fi device that visitors can take with them while they roam the streets of Budapest. All of the apartments offer an original 1980s pinball machine as a tribute to Henri Brandt, the owner’s father, who used to run his own pinball company. 

“In today’s digital world, these carefully restored mechanical games deliver moments of pure fun and re-set the busy adult brain to child mode just for a while,” said the owner. 

The 30 square-meter apartments are complemented with 10 sqm mezzanines, with each location equipped with a guitar and a keyboard as well. Further information and reservations are available here.