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Agora Budapestʼs foundation stone laid in virtual show

The development of Agora Budapest at Árpád Bridge has entered a new stage, as developer HB Reavis celebrated its agreement with Raiffeisen Bank and the project itself with the laying of the foundation stone of the project, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The "project mapping show"

The ceremony was held on November 15, representing a milestone in the history of Agora Budapest, located in the heart of the Váci Corridor, aiming at making the lives of employees and nearby residents better with sustainable, modern architecture, green areas, and friendly social spaces, says the press release.

The municipality of Budapest was represented by Deputy Mayor Gábor Bagdy, with József Tóth representing District 13 in his capacity as district mayor. Both men emphasized the liveability of the city and the ability of District 13 to attract capital, as around 40% of Budapestʼs real estate projects are carried out there.

During the virtual laying of the foundation stone, guests could view the Agoraʼs central area, visualized with the help of a 360°, 3D "project mapping show," made up of 12,600 frames, rendered by 50 computers over the course of 600 hours. The show was preceded by a long preparation, where a 15-meter dome was populated by a grassy park, and pop-up stores, such as a café, restaurant, florist, and barber shop working even during the event, in order to let guests imagine they were at the center of Agora.

Unlike the usual outdoors locations, the developmentʼs site posed numerous challenges, as installing the event took nearly a week, with nearly 50 people working on it.

HB Reavisʼ idea was innovative from multiple aspects, notes the press release, as this was the first occasion that a dome was built on top of construction containers, with the placement taking 22 work hours and a 60-ton crane.

A short while ago, HB Reavis announced that a large part of the first building will be rented to Raiffeisen Bank, meaning that Agora Budapest will host the bankʼs headquarters from the beginning of 2020. The developer celebrated the agreement during the ceremony.