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Rediscover the power of words

As a family company, Julius Meinl always wanted to make its costumers feel special. Inspired by classical coffeehouses and their cultural association with poetry, Julius Meinl encourages coffee lovers to find a moment of poetic inspiration. Since 2015, the brand has taken its mission to the public with its annual Pay with a Poem. 

As a result, hundreds of thousands of poems have been written in more than 40 countries all over the world in exchange for, or over, a cup of coffee.

As part of their ongoing mission to make the world a better place through poetic inspiration, Julius Meinl has partnered with global education charity Worldreader, united in a shared belief in the power of words to make a difference for ourselves and for the planet this World Poetry Day. 

With 14% of the global population illiterate, bringing people into the world of words introduces them to a form of creative and powerful expression. Every poem counts towards a donation target in support of global literacy. Donations raised could fund projects in selected countries where we source coffee such as Ethiopia, Kenya and India. 

Get inspired and show your support by writing a poem in exchange for a free coffee or tea of your choice. Every poem will count towards the 100,000 poems donation goal. In addition, the best poetic submissions globally will be hosted on the Worldreader app for millions to read and enjoy.

Why not, for a moment, forget about using your smart phones to express yourself? On March 21, on World Poetry Day, let a cup of coffee inspire you to spell out your feelings instead this time.

For participating coffee shops in Hungary, please visit: