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InvestPro Poland Warsaw 2019 Conference & Expo

Bosco Conference, the leading provider of annual international business conferences, is organizing the international B2B InvestPro Poland Warsaw 2019 Conference & Expo from September 12-13 at InterContinental Warszawa, and offers a special 50% discount on bookings before September 1 for only EUR 150 with promo code BBJ50.

Do you want to know how to protect your business assets, raise more capital and how to invest in opportunity zones?

The InvestPro Poland Warsaw 2019 is a two-day event that brings together more than 250 senior-level decision-makers from financial, legal, banking, immigration and real estate services, along with private investors from all around the world.

The conference will focus on business and investment opportunities, actual aspects of working with European banks, residence and citizenship planning trends for 2019-2020, new tax laws, CRS, and much more. 

Conference Program:

"Are we facing a new era of fiscalism?" Wolf Theiss (Poland)

"Residence and Citizenship planning trends 2019-2020". Henley&Partners (Latvia)

"Switzerland after voting: new tax law and opportunities". Zugimpex (Switzerland)

"Does CRS imply the end of privacy? Our solution for those who do not want to relocate". Kvevri Wealth Management (Georgia)

"Companies and bank accounts in Poland: Current trends", Consult Invest (Poland)

"Current state of Swiss Banking center", Schroder & Co Bank AG (Switzerland)

"Poland-Emirates: Where is the key business focus?" MK Business Link Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

"Current opportunities that foreign investors can find in Poland", Morawski & Partners Law Firm (Poland)

"Tax engineering in business, POMORSKI”, Doradztwo Podatkowe Sp. Z o.o. (Poland)

"International Investment Dispute Resolution", Noshadha Law Firm (Ukraine)

"How to choose the right broker and start investing", Exante (Malta)

"Outcomes of international exchange of information: not by CRS alone", Integrites (Ukraine)

"Last Country Standing – How the U.S. Became the Last Hub for International Business and Banking " ,Stern International Bank (USA)

"Substance and the Migration of companies to Dubai", Swiss ILC Management Services (UAE)

"IPO vs ICO vs STO: Differences, advantages, and disadvantages", Ulterier (Poland)

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain first-hand information about current economic and taxation trends and learn about new investment planning strategies and new opportunities for your business.

Do not miss a chance to connect with more than 250 experienced leaders of financial, legal, banking, real estate services, expand your professional network during coffee breaks and over cocktails, and learn how to build a competitive investable company.

Book your ticket now with a 50% discount using promo code BBJ50 before September 1.  

Conference organizer:

Bosco Conference

Tel.: +44 203 519 34 84

Tel.: +7 727 350 54 74