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Adverticumʼs ʼDataMe DMP dataʼ service free of charge for half a year

Hungaryʼs market-leading media ad serving system, Adverticum AdServer, provides its customers with an innovative targeting solution free of charge due to the emergency situation. Introduced as a feature called “DataMe DMP data”, AdServer users have the ability to use data segmented by demographics, ISPs, and interests for more accurate targeting.

The coronavirus has transformed both our lives and our working conditions. In parallel with working from home, online content consumption has increased dramatically, making targeting in the advertising segment even more valuable.

In these difficult times, Adverticum also strives to adapt to the changed circumstances and has decided to provide its customers with a database-based targeting solution called "DataMe DMP data" free of charge, which allows them to reach target groups in even more sophisticated ways.

"The impact of the pandemic will not escape the digital profession either. It affects content providers, agencies, and advertisers alike, not to mention technology service companies like ourselves. We believe that in such a situation, all the money spent on advertising should be recouped," said Ferenc Szutor, deputy managing director of Adverticum Closed Corp. and CEO of DataMe Ltd.

"If anytime, now it is really important to reach the target group accurately, to reduce the inertia of advertisements. Thatʼs why we decided to provide this service that allows exactly this, free of charge for six months," he added.

The data provided by the DataMe DMP system is constantly updated, so that the user has the opportunity to address the exact target groups or even to define it much more precisely than before. With this solution, Adverticum wants to support its customers in taking advantage of data-based marketing solutions, even in this uncertain period.  

The data-based targeting option is available to Adverticum customers free of charge for half a year - from May 1, 2020 to November 1, 2020.